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Visions of a Quantum Woman

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A memoir, written under the pen name of “Margaret Rose Duns.”


One woman’s quest for truth and freedom in an environment fraught with secrets and lies, and the series of powerful inner visions that bring her through disaster to understanding and love.

Visions of A Quantum Woman follows the course of the author’s life as an adopted daughter, and her struggle to find and maintain a sense of identity that preserved her dignity and was based on truth. She bravely navigated through tumultuous times rather than give up the struggle for freedom, taking the risk of rocking the family boat.

Seeking authenticity took a heavy toll—as the facade was stripped away and a woman who discovers her own truth emerges. Was it worth losing everything and everyone in order to reveal the person who had been the baby handed from one mother to the other?

The reader is taken through many events as the author shares her deep inner life, and the visions from childhood to the present day—which have guided, informed, and sustained her on the journey to herself—through understanding and love…

Human beings have been having visions for millennia. Usually, Charlton Heston plays the lead and they are portrayed as dramatic one-time events with huge transformative power. The visions here are every bit as powerful with the same transformative power, but they are almost regular events that occur so gently as to be easy to miss if not alert. These visions are phenomena that deal with the ups and downs of everyday life, bringing reassurance, strength and a feeling of being unconditionally loved to one human being having a hard time.

Why something so powerful and all-knowing should focus its attention on one small human being who will never be a Hollywood star is part of the heart-stopping mystery of it all. And yet, there may be a logic waiting to be realized - a reasoning that will place these inner experiences in a much more grand arena - the playground of Quantum Physics. Could it be that the next giant steps in modern physics will take place within the inner life of the scientist?

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The author led a “character building” life in the East End of London until the age of 21, when she left to explore as much as she could of what lay beyond London’s brick walls and green squares.

With a brief but good quality education behind her, at the age of fifteen she began at the bottom in the business world and slowly worked her way up, repeatedly colliding with the glass ceiling on the way.

At the age of thirty, she took a three year break in order to gain a degree in Bristol, England and took instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique early on in her studies. Then followed nine years of running her own small business as an event caterer specializing in the sale, preparation and cooking of organic food, during which time she was invited to teach as a management trainer at a prestigious UK business school. Here, she felt free to express her creativity as never before. She ran a successful team of trainers and specialized in training women entrepreneurs. It was all very good, but her practice of meditation had won her heart and she eventually left the business world behind to train to teach Transcendental Meditation.

She now lives in New York State and devotes her time to long meditations and activities validated by modern science, to be powerful in the promotion of World Peace.

This is her first book. A memoir, written under the pen name of “Margaret Rose Duns.”


"Heck! I've read your book and thoroughly admire your courage and artistry as a writer. This is an intricately crafted tale, of how adults blindly going about doing their own thing, can cause horrible damage to a child. The author - with a kind-of invincible pluck, and with the aid of her very unique set of tools - struggles through it all, to a fulfilling and generous life. The book, first of all, is incredibly interesting. In addition, it is an eye-opener, and finally makes the reader want to try harder at life!" — Julie Jordan, NY

"I loved this book. It made me realize just how little we know about ourselves. Most of us just touch the surface, Margaret Rose Duns dives head first into the places in her life that few dare or would even want to go. This book is well written and thought provoking. It is a book I will read many times over, as I feel I will get, and take something different away each time." — Allyson S., NY

"Just to let you know that I got your book and was so engrossed in it that I read it in one sitting!! I didn't realize the full extent of all that you've been through; can't believe how you managed to survive everything. It's really very inspiring to see how you still managed to love your mums, and especially your dad. Think you really tapped into divine/transcendental help for that, so glad you've come through and are still smiling." — Rebecca D., Aberdeen, Scotland

"So many reactions to your story...and a million questions. Lots of identification with your experiences, but you seem to move through it all with such grace, and somehow the language you use to tell your story makes it all so natural and not weird. I think it's the absence of ego. There is not a drop of trying to be special in there at all." — Lynn K., CO

"I finished your book and can immediately think of several people to whom I’ll highly recommend it! I found it absolutely intriguing, emotionally challenging and, ultimately, triumphant! Thank you for being so willingly transparent and vulnerable in ways that will undoubtedly help inspire many to pursue life on a quantum level which, in a real sense, is what allows us to be fully alive, and fully human." C. W., Ithaca, New York

"I read the first few pages and it is very touching and beautiful. We congratulate you on this great achievement!" — K. W., IA

"The book came this morning when Amy, who helps me clean the house, brought my mail. I made the “mistake” of sitting down to have just a peek; fifteen minutes later, poor little Amy was absorbed in her cleaning while I was absorbed in my new treasure, unable to turn away. I can’t thank you enough for opening "Margaret Rose Dun's" quantum mind to me. Your writing is as compelling as your subject, so rich, so honest and present. Please share my enjoyment with her; I thank you both, my dear friends!" — Ruth G., ME

"Where your life has taken you, and your expansive understanding — as described in your book, makes a great deal of sense to me." — Sue R., Bristol

"Interesting, insightful, heartbreaking and triumphant. This is a book I will read again." — Amazon Customer

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