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Through the Eyes of Priya

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Through the Eyes of Priya is a children’s book by Carole Davey, illustrated by Debby Henning.

This story, with beautiful full-color illustrations throughout, is based on the true circumstances surrounding a young dairy cow named Priya. Each cow has her own personality and own story, but not many have the chance to live out their full natural life. Luckily, Priya’s story has a happy ending. Through a remarkable turn of events, Priya’s life was saved when she came to live on an “Ahimsa” (nonviolent) farm—a farm where cows are allowed to graze freely on organic grass, live out their natural life span, and have the joy of nursing and caring for their young calves. Through the Eyes of Priya gives children and adults of all ages a look into the heart and mind of a mother cow.

Hardcover, 50 pages of full-color illustrations.

“I love this book. I love the story and the illustrations. I want everyone to read this book! A very beautiful, winner of a book for sure. I love it.” - David Lynch, Film Director and Author

“I am an animal lover, yet I have never really known any cow until Priya! What a gift to have the emotions and sensitivities of a sweet mother cow reveal her sentience in this beautifully illustrated book for children and adults alike. I am so grateful to have been drawn in by Through the Eyes of Priya’s beautiful cover. I can’t wait to return to Boston to read this to my grandson Liam, who is attracted to beautiful pictures of people and animals.  He is a bright little boy and Priya’s story has many lessons I want him to know early in his life. Thank you, Carole Davey and Deborah Henning! — Catherine Rossiter

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Originally from Australia, and a family of generations of dairy farmers, the author Carole Davey, is a former Montessori School teacher and long-term member of the Mother Divine Program.

Debby Henning, the illustrator, is also an alumna of the Mother Divine Program and Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science.

The Mother Divine Program comprises groups of women around the world dedicated to realizing their full spiritual potential—enlightenment—and enlivening world peace through the nourishing power of bliss and coherence. Through their extended collective practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, they silently and yet most efficiently nourish our world family in an unseen (but verifiable) manner from the deepest level of Nature’s functioning—the simplest state of human awareness, the silent field of pure consciousness.

Why was this story written?

When a small herd of “Ahimsa” cows came to live on the property where a group of Mother Divine were residing they experienced firsthand, the loving, compassionate care that Ahimsa farming brings. The milk received from these truly happy cows is like nectar, the sweetest ambrosia.

Proceeds from this book will go towards caring for as many cows as possible and helping to create a better world.

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Priya and her calf Hasita.

The name Priya means very precious or pretty one, and Hasita means happy and free.

Book Details

Format: Hardbound with paper jacket (50 pages, fully illustrated in color)

Publisher: Tadorna Press (October 2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0991578171

ISBN-13: 978-0-9915781-7-7

Product Dimensions: 11 x 1.0 x 8.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 1 lb. 4 oz.